Reasons For Forming Your Own Group Class

  • Coordinate with your dog-owning friends to experience a fun and educational group activity.
  • Form your own Group Class with your fellow dog-owning friends to avail of group rates when enrolling in your desired dog training course.

Form Your Own Group is Currently Available for:

Enrollment Fees

Number of Dog-and-Handler Teams*
Enrollment Fee per Dog**
Group of 29000.00PHP
Group of 3-68000.00PHP

* Max number of teams allowed may vary per course
** Group Rates may vary slightly for non-basic courses

Steps To Forming Your Own Group Class:

Kindly read through ALL the information below if you are considering forming a group class.

Step 1: Form Your Group

Invite your dog-owning friends to review the information and requirements for the course you are interested in taking together.

Step 2: Select a Contact Person / Group Coordinator.

This person will have the role of being directly in contact with me and coordinating with me regarding requirements and schedules.

Step 3: The Contact Person should collect the following information

From EACH dog-and-handler team…
Owner/Handler Name
Email Address
Dog’s Name
Dog’s Gender
Also decide on the following for your Group:
*Any name you would like to call your group
Group Evaluation Fee:
* FREE OF CHARGE for groups of 3-6 teams.
* 500PHP per dog for groups of 2 teams.
Your proposed group class SESSION DATES (6) and TIME
* Example: “Wednesdays at 2pm beginning Feb 26” or provide the exact dates for your 6 sessions.
* Sessions should be at least 6-7 days apart.
* This can still be changed and finalized during your Group Evaluation

Please take note of Available Days & Times for scheduling your Group Evaluation and Course Sessions:
Wednesdays – Fridays between 9am – 4pm
Saturdays and Sundays between 2pm – 4pm

Step 4: Request A Group Evaluation

Once your Contact Person has all the necessary information, he/she should submit the info and request a group evaluation using the following form:

Step 5: Appointment Confirmation

Once I’ve received and reviewed your information, I will send a confirmation to approve your requested Group Evaluation date if it is available. Otherwise, I will suggest or ask you to select another date.

When the Appointment is confirmed, I will send the members of your group an email requesting some more information about their individual dogs, and with details on what to prepare for your group evaluation.

Step 6: Come for your Group Evaluation

At the group evaluation, I will meet with your group and all your dogs to determine if your dogs are good for training together in a group.

There are a few reasons why I might NOT APPROVE a group of dogs training together, or why I might suggest some individual dogs may not benefit from training in a group. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Extreme reactivity and/or aggression between dogs and/or towards people
  • Extreme phobias
  • Highly distracted and/or overly excitable dogs
  • Female dogs in heat

Dogs that are best suited for group classes are:

  • Dogs that are social with people and other dogs
  • Dogs that are not easily distracted in a busy setting with multiple dogs and people.

Please keep this information in mind when forming your group.

If you have other questions or concerns about the process for forming your group class, please email me.