Here it is! Or part of it, at least…The 2015 Pet Centrics Dog Training Calendar! You are welcome to download and share the calendar image to your friends and family. At the moment, I am only releasing the schedules for the Beginner Level courses for the first half of the year. Intermediate and Advanced Level Courses are still being reviewed, so you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for those schedules.

New Course Names

Puppy Class and Beginner Level Basic Obedience Class have been renamed and are now called Puppy Training 101 and Dog Training 101, respectively. This simple change is just to put emphasis on the fact that these courses are educational courses in dog training meant for owners to take together with their dog. For more info, please click HERE.

New Schedules

As you can see in the schedule, I have made Saturday and Sunday schedules regularly available for both Puppy and adult Dog courses, unlike the alternating schedules of this past year.

Open for Enrollment

For new students, if you’re ready to enroll in one of the beginner level courses, please take note that both Puppy and Dog Training 101 are now open for enrollment. The first orientation dates for 2015 are January 17 (Saturday Classes) and January 18 (Sunday Classes).

To view schedules and enroll in Puppy Training 101, please click HERE.

To view schedules and enroll in Dog Training 101, please click HERE.

Hope to see you guys in training soon! Until then, have a MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS! 🙂

– Doc Marose

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