Welcome! I’m Dr. Mary Rose Magpily – call me Doc Marose – a veterinarian, canine behavior consultant and dog trainer.

I’ve been around dogs all my life, so believe me when I say I understand the joys and difficulties of dog guardianship. It’s especially exciting when you are welcoming a new puppy or dog into your home – the pet you always dreamed of! But it can also be thoroughly distressing when the same dog that you so love becomes a burden to live with because of behaviors that you find difficult to understand and control.

Here’s My Dog Training Journey:

A few years out of vet school, I got my first personal dog, Ollie a labrador-golden retriever cross. Despite having had family dogs before, with my very own puppy, I suddenly found myself facing problems of house soiling, puppy biting, indiscriminate chewing, leash pulling and general naughtiness. These were problems that not even veterinary school had prepared me for! Overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated, I found it difficult to enjoy Ollie and felt like he was the worst dog EVER!

Determined to find solutions and take action, I became deeply interested in learning about dog behavior and dog training, and so I went on to study about canine behavior science and training technology, learning from some of the best dog trainers and dog behavior experts from Canada and the U.S.

Modern, science-based and humane dog training methods provided me with the solution to my puppy woes and, with great relief, what was once a relationship of conflict between Ollie and myself transformed into a relationship of love and understanding. It was knowledge that I gladly began to pass on to my veterinary clients struggling with the same puppy behavior issues.

With the intention of helping more people experience the same significant transformation with their dog, in 2011, I opened Pet Centrics a dog training and dog behavior consulting business. Since then I’ve had the privilege of offering guidance to hundreds of dog owners while teaching and applying techniques that focus on compassionate and cooperative dog training.


The Empowered Dog Owner

Dog training for the average dog owner can be challenging but it can also be extremely rewarding. My objective is to empower every dog owner by sharing my knowledge about dog behavior and dog training.

I want for you to feel the sort of relief and enlightenment that I felt when I began my dog training journey, and that, consequently, your life with your dog becomes minimally stressful and thoroughly enjoyable.

To be clear, I do not offer quick fixes or overnight solutions. I do not take the training out of your hands. Dog training is about relationship building, therefore, you need to be a part of the learning. Dog training is about patience, persistence, clarity and consistency – you’ll need to put in the work. Dog training is about responding to the needs and communications of your companion animal – you need to be open to seeing things from the dog’s point of view.

Take The First Step on YOUR Dog Training Journey

If you’re a hands-on dog owner excited to take PROACTIVE steps towards your own transformational journey with your dog, schedule a consultation with me to find out how I can help you achieve your dog training goals.