SERVICES PROVIDED. Pet Centrics Veterinary Tele-consultation Services are a temporary service provided by Dr. Mary Rose de Jesus Magpily (hereon referred to as “Consultant”), a Philippines licensed veterinarian. This service is offered to minimize person-to-person contact, or in this case, client-doctor contact as recommended under the conditions of the Enhanced Community Quarantine being implemented over Luzon and other parts of the Philippines beginning March 17, 2020. A tele-consultation refers to any veterinary consultation conducted through digital and/or telecommunication means, which includes but is not limited to emails, messaging, phone calls, video calls, etc.

PAYMENT. Payment is due in full after a consultation. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

CLIENT/OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES. The Owner of the pet presented for tele-consultation acknowledges that examination of their pet has limitations that may affect the accuracy of the diagnosis, and that this is an acceptable risk under the current circumstances of the Enhanced Community Quarantine. The Owner further avers that any information that he provides regarding his/her pet is true and accurate to the best of the Owner’s knowledge. The Owner understands that providing false and/or incomplete information may lead to errors in diagnosis and treatment of the Owner’s pet.

PRIVACY NOTICE. Both the Owner and Consultant agree that information exchanged during the consultation, whether in digital or verbal form, are for private use only and should not be shared with the general public in whatever form. Any unauthorized reproduction, transmission or distribution in any format of any aspect of the consultation for any purpose other than in relation to diagnosis and treatment of the Owner’s pet or animal, is prohibited.