This video demonstrates how one can condition a dog that is aggressive for toe-nail trimming to accept being groomed. If you are bringing your nailtrim-fearful pet to a clinic for some minor grooming, bring along some treats and ask your vet or groomer if he/she could try this out with you, or you could start the conditioning at home with family members helping out.

Your pet will realize there is nothing to fear about getting nails trimmed and may even look forward to it knowing that treats are involved. Remember, patience is the key! This might take a longer or shorter time depending on the extent of the pet’s previous negative conditioning towards nailtrimming. But it will be worth it, especially if you consider all the stress-free nailtrimming sessions that will follow. After conditioning, some dogs don’t even react when the quick of their nail accidentally gets cut!

This conditioning technique can also be applied to other things the dog is afraid of. Take the time to do this with your dog and you’ll both be happier for it!



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