This is Part 1 of a 2-part blog entry. Read Part 2 here: For Love of the Asong Pinoy (continued) – posted June 8, 2012

I recently discovered the existence of a project regarding the Asong Pinoy / Aspin whose purpose is, I quote “… to create and protect a purebred strain of dogs that are native to the Philippines, that we call the Native Dog or simply “Aso”.”

While the advocacy for the Aspin promoted by the project proponents is indeed admirable, I find myself disturbed by the idea that alongside this advocacy is the promotion of the creation of a Philippine breed of dog. Thus, I felt the need to air some of my thoughts on this matter, as an attempt to provoke some serious thinking and promote an intelligent discussion on the subject.

My argument is partly that definitions need to be clarified, and it is partly to ask: where exactly is this headed? My thinking was that the point of any campaign to promote Aspins, was to celebrate diversity and to liberate oneself from labels and human-defined standards. After all, the Aspin or native dog is by definition not a breed of dog, but a mongrel or mix of many dogs. This leads me to two main things that I find confusing about Aspin-advocacy being promoted alongside Philippine dog breed creation:

Firstly, it seems to me that the project is an attempt to bottle and brand the traits that make the Aspin unique. But isn’t variety what makes the Aspin unique in the first place? Therein exists, in my opinion, an obvious oxymoron. From a simplified genetic viewpoint, the development of a breed of Philippine dog interferes with natural selection, which evolved the Aspin to be built for survival, to become resilient and which has allowed him to thrive. Once humans meddle and control breeding and reproduction, what is selected for is not traits necessary for survival, but traits that humans find appealing. The creation of a pedigreed dog whose offspring will look the same over succeeding generations requires a lot of mating between close relatives, which has been known to cause a lot of undesirable traits to surface. The end result is a dog which may look and perform the way humans want, but who is also highly predisposed to specific diseases – something that the Aspin has been able to avoid because of its hodgepodge of genetics. Therefore, if we start to select for genes according to our desires, we risk veering away from what we admire in the Aspin and what he holds over the pedigreed dog.

Secondly, considering how difficult it has been (and still is) for the Aspin, the mongrel or the mutt to win the hearts of the Filipino dog owner, and then looking to the future when this Philippine Dog breed has been established…Well, it seems we would be taking a huge step backwards in the campaign to promote the Aspin, when exclusion and discrimination may once again predominate against dogs labeled impure and without pedigree to certify them as Philippine Dog.

Possibly this project is partly driven by the need to create something that is “Proudly Pinoy” as we oft like to say, and to satisfy the Pinoy fixation for brands and labels. I feel it also links to the idea of dog as a commodity.

I can appreciate the beauty and usefulness of certain breeds, and I can appreciate that selection and breeding for specific traits has been beneficial for human society in many ways. But I fear that this project may cause many to lose sight of what truly needs advocating, that the Aspin – or any dog for that matter – does not need to be judged on pedigree. As is, the Aspin is no less than any other dog, and does not need to conform to any standards. If we are advocates of the Aspin then we are advocates of the Dog in whatever variant form he comes.

My great fear is that the end result of creating a Philippine dog breed will be that of continued and even greater discrimination against the Aspin than is already presently seen in Philippine society; and my personal opinion is that there is no further need to breed the mutt out of the Aspin. Human-imposed physical standards should never be a requirement before any animal is deemed deserving of our respect, love and care.

If I have in any way misunderstood the project’s intentions, I invite its proponents and followers to comment on the subject and correct any erroneous assumptions or interpretations that I may have made. I reiterate, this article is not written with the intent of attacking the project’s proponents, but to promote an intelligent discussion on the subject. It is written for the love of the Aspin, the mutt, the mongrel, the Dog.

Doc Marose has shared her home with pedigreed dogs, mixes, and Aspins. Her current dogs are a labrador-golden retriever cross, and a terrier mix, – one gifted to her, the other adopted. She also shares her home with seven Pusang Pinoys or Philippine domestic short hair cats – all adopted/rescued.

For Love of the Asong Pinoy (continued) – posted June 8, 2012

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For Love of the Asong Pinoy (continued) – posted June 8, 2012

Below is an interesting and disturbing documentary about pedigree dogs, specifically those bred for dog shows. NOTE: I recognize that the so-called “Philippine Aso” is probably not going to be bred with the intention of producing a show dog, but I posted this video just to make people aware of what overbreeding and inbreeding can do to a dog.

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    1. Thanks, Kristine! You have a great blog as well! I don’t have a Link widget at the moment, but when I do put one up I’ll be sure to add your blog to the list. 🙂

  1. Thanks for your interest in the Philippine Aso Project. 🙂

    You have great points in this blog, all of which have been considered since the beginning of the Project in August 2011. I understand your concerns. The video documentary of the BBC is an excellent video, and it has very sound points. 🙂 There is thus no offense taken, rest assured.

    I am actually flattered by the effort you have made to compose this blog. I would like to share this blog in the Facebook Group wherein the Project was born and also so that the members might also read it. 🙂

    The link to the Philippine Aso FB Group:

    I have written a few doc files that are stored in that Group that tackles some of the points raised here, you may want to view them also. 🙂
    The link to the documents:

    Again, thanks for the beautiful blog. I will try to create deeper, more insightful answers for you and Dog Ging and the other curious intelligent observers, soon, and post it on the FB Group page as documents again. 🙂

    Further/other questions and concerns are very welcome and much encouraged.

    Dr. Abel Manalo
    Manalo K9 Technologies International
    Mobile: 0906-2337868

    1. The real reason for the establishment of the Philippine Aso project is, and has always been to build the foundation for Abel Manalo’s many scams. I highly suggest anyone who wants to actively participate in any of his so called events and businesses to carefully consider a background check on him. A search on what many forumers has to say about him should do it. Including how he mistreats and even killed a dog under his training.

      This egocentric sociopath is simply out to make a name (and some cash) for himself at whatever cost.

    2. For a better background check, try:
      Municipality of Angono
      La Salle Greenhills, San Juan, MM
      Cambridge International School, Dubai, UAE
      University of the Philippines, Los Banos
      Philippine National Police – Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies
      National Defense College of the Philippines, Camp Aguinaldo, QC
      Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)
      Vigilant Canine Services, International, Red Bluff California USA
      Philippine Federation of Specialist Canine Providers, Inc.
      Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, St. Martin, Angono Rizal
      BDO Unibank, Angono Hiway Branch

    3. If you really want to attack me, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, why don’t you come out of anonymity and elaborate in whatever accusations you may have. Please.

    4. A background check on “forumers”, some of which were my ex-employees who were terminated for various causes such as sexual harassment and loafing, some of which are competitor trainers and working dog breeders and other K9 service providers, is not a real background search. That is gossip, which you are most probably so familiar with.

    5. Anonymous my foot. I know who you are. Aren’t you tired of this?? Why don’t you just get a life again. You destroyed your old life, it was your fault, why do you have to be so angry with others? Blame yourself.

    6. Well, that seems to have proven the egocentric sociopath I told you about. This also proves how many people are pissed with Abel Manloloko. His employees by the way were never paid by him that’s why they left. So among his many talents, he’s also an Estafador. For an even better background check, (which Abel Manloloko regrettably withheld on purpose, check on his family, that he scammed and stole money from to try and revive his failed career in real estate and network marketing.

      Now you know.
      Please be cautious in dealing with this unscrupulous person.
      Halang na ang bituka nyan.

    7. Oh, and look. He first refers to me as “Mr. or Ms. Anonymous” then says that he knows who I am. Have you really stolen and taken advantage of that many people Mr. Abel Manloloko that you couldn’t keep track of them anymore?

      I can give you a clue. You trained our dog and asked us to supply dog food for the duration of his training. We later found out that you sold the dog food and fed him pig slop (which we found out because he threw up and we saw the contents. May sardinas pa). That is a very, very cheap thing to do Mr. Manloloko. Are you really that pathetic? Dog food? Oh wait. how will you find out? Again you did this to so many people you couldn’t keep track of them.

      And please dyan ka naman magaling. Putting up your manufactured credentials up there just shows the goal of your Philippine ASO project. To try and make another cheap credential such as “Founder: Philippine ASO Project”? to get to scam even more people? Amiright? That’s why you get such an erection out of shaking hands with your top ranking baranggay police officers amiright?

    8. Hahaha… Of course I know who you are. 🙂 I just had to confirm a little, and again I am assured of who you are. Why are you making up stories, to try to destroy me? Helloooooo. Do you really have such little real self-worth left? You have always loved gossip and bringing in other people to gang up on me. Too bad such an intelligent person like you has to be so evil. You have the devil inside you.

      Yes, I can name several people pissed at me, and I really don’t care because I know who I am. Several people are pissed at me for firing them. I had no choice. I am an employer, not a charity foundation. I have to terminate those who do not follow instructions, and those that do not fit the Manalo K9 Core Values: INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE, SERVICE. Some are pissed at me because I do better work than them, produce better working dogs, and/or I have more clients trusting me than them. Whatever the reasons are, I accept that I will never be liked by everyone. No one is.

      Just for the record. I never stole money from my family (except when I was about 8 years old and I stole from my mom’s little safe to buy pets from the pet stores around Cainta to give to her, but I grew out of that already) nor did I ever feed any of our dogs “pig slop” (except while I was in College and I did not have enough money to buy dogfood all the time and I went to the Los Banos market to buy chickenheads and reject fish and sawdust… I did try feeding my rottweiler Jamala back then some canned food: very seldomly sardines, but mostly corned beef, which I mixed with rice and veggies).

      I never got an erection from shaking anybody’s hand, either. Oh man, that is sick… You are sick.

    9. I am so sorry for replying like this. I somehow felt that I need to protect my dignity and uphold the truth. I don’t want people to read all these lies and then somehow believe them, without me doing anything about it. I apologize for the knee-jerk reaction.

      But truth is, there will be no ending in this gossip and slander, especially when the perpetrator hides under anonymity. I shall just let him do his thing all he wants, but I hope he just realizes his folly. I shall just heed the Apostle Paul’s advice at Romans 12:17-21 “17 Return evil for evil to no one. Provide fine things in the sight of all men. 18 If possible, as far as it depends upon YOU, be peaceable with all men. 19 Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says Jehovah.” 20 But, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by doing this you will heap fiery coals upon his head.” 21 Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.”

      So, to my dear beloved “Anonymous”, I hope that one day you and I could be real friends and that we could laugh at all of this. May the Almighty God of Peace and Love heal your wounds and show you the right way to walk. I promise I will never hold this against you. You probably had a tough life. Do not blame God, for it is written: “When under trial, let no one say: “I am being tried by God.” For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.” (James 1:13)

      I place all this in the hands of Jehovah. Again, sorry…

    10. …and there they go again… What for? Pride? Prestige? Credibility? Both sides have their own points anyway. No need to quarrel. This blog is intended to promote an intelligent discussion (read above article…again).

    11. just stating the obvious. abel manalo has been involved in scams and has pending cases at the quezon city trial court for estafa. many people already know this, and even more people will have to learn the hard way when they deal with him.

    12. In the name of Jehovah I shall hunt you down and murder you and your family. I shall laugh as I rape and eat your corpses.

    13. I never ever spoke like that, and never ever will threaten anybody like that. That comment was not from me. I do not have pending stafa cases either.

    14. Konti na lang, madudulas na si Anonymous sa tunay nyang identity. Nagresearch daw sa PCC. Naku, sino nga ba galing ng PCC na galit kay Dr. Abel?

  2. Anonymous, maniniwala na sana ako sayo kaso bading moves ka e. Kaya naman makiki-bading na din ako para pareho tayo.

    Pustahan tayo tong si Anonymous e member ng number 1 vetmed org DAW. Pustahan din tayo, sa FB group nila e topic nila tong blog post na ito. At tulad ng ginawa nila sa Philippine Aso page, magsasanib pwersa na naman sila sa blog post na ito pagkatapos mag tag ng mag tag at mag-usap usap. 2 na agad ang nabilang ko!

    Di ba kayo pwedeng maging LESS OBVIOUS?!?!?!?!?!

    Sa susunod, pakisabihan mga members ng group page ninyo na mag sign out ng matino sa facebook! Para hindi naiiwang bukas ang account. Saka baka hindi kayo aware sa keylogger. Ang mag deny, makakatikim ng print screen! NUMBER 1 VETMED ORGANIZATION MY ASS.

  3. This site and the article above was meant to inspire thoughtful discussion – not bickering and grave threats.
    I understand that discussions can get heated and that it can sometimes become personal, but this is Dr. Magpily’s site not facebook. Please exercise some restraint. Just because this is cyber space, it doesn’t mean that courtesy should be thrown out the window.

    And if I may, I am truly concerned with the latest post written by “Mr Manalo” (or whoever) stating “In the name of Jehovah I shall hunt you down and murder you and your family. I shall laugh as I rape and eat your corpses.” This has crossed the line from petty bickering to disturbing. Watch what you say because such words can be considered grave threats. And more importantly, please do not misuse His name to cause people harm and in a manner that does not bring glory to Him. Be reminded “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.” (Exodus 20:7 ESV)

    It would be better to remain focused on the issues and questions arising from the article.

  4. Well, this is certainly not what I had in mind when I said that I was hoping for an intelligent discussion on the topic. It is disappointing to see that there is very little intelligent commentary that has been contributed. Thank you to the few individuals who have pointed out that we are straying from the point of this blog and to those who are calling for some courtesy to prevail.

    With that said, I am posting a second part to this blog entry to correct certain statements I have made and to return the focus to the original discussion.

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