Here’s an update on what’s going on at Pet Centrics:

NOW OPEN – Puppy Group Class Registration for FEB-MAR 2023

First, I want to let you know that I’ve opened registration for the first Dog Training 101 group classes of the year. While I usually start group classes as early as the first week of January, this year, the orientation for the first group class will be on January 28 and the first session will be in the first week of February.

The delay is mostly because I’ve needed to rest since finishing my chemotherapy last December. I am also still attending to Pet Centrics admin work first before getting into the thick of actual dog training and consultations once again. But I’m happy to report that things are slowly getting back on track as I am now in recovery from my therapy and I am very much excited for the first Orientation Day of 2023 and meeting all new students.

You’ll also notice on the updated website that I decided to go back to the 6-session format of the Dog Training 101 Group Classes. I had high hopes that the 8-session length of the course would be successful, but while the pace and lesson coverage of the 8-week course was ideal, it seems 2 extra weeks of committing to a dog training course is a bit much for most novice dog owners who are often also occupied with work or school. Consequently, I noticed either more absences or clients failing to complete the course and dropping out at around 2/3 of the way – an indication that the 6 sessions might after all be more manageable for most of my clientele.

Alongside this, I’ve reformatted the Dog Training 101 lesson plan and intend to add a few webinars for enrolled students so that the topics of puppy-raising, dog husbandry and dog training theory can be discussed separate from the exercises. This will allow me to discuss things in greater depth and give clients more of a chance to ask me questions and discuss any problems they encounter in their training.

Lastly, I have to announce that for the time being, only the Puppy Group (3-5 months old) will be available for enrollment, while adults will only be accommodated in One-on-One Classes.

As I roll out some changes to the Dog Training 101 course, I want to initially limit the number of classes that I take on. Thus puppy group classes only for now. Furthermore, most young adult dogs at this time, I feel, will also be better served through individual instruction. In particular, I’ve noticed that many of the 1-3 year olds – those that lived their earliest months at home with their families during the height of the pandemic – are quite socially challenged and don’t often fare well in a group setting: a likely side effect of their isolation. Not to worry. The young adult and mature dogs will have a chance to join group classes once the introductory course has been completed, and an evaluation has been done of their skills and social behaviors.

I’m confident these changes will improve the Dog Training 101 course and provide everyone with the best class experience in the months to come.

Again, if you have recently welcomed a young puppy into your family, I invite you to register for the upcoming orientation coming up towards the end of the month. For owners of young adults or older dogs, you may consider signing up for One-on-One class and already schedule your evaluations and behavior consultations with me via the form HERE.


A Personal Update

As for me, I will be honest and tell you that I’ve been feeling very rusty and “untrainer-like” in the past months. Since I’ve been taking care of my medical issues, aside from a few intermittent walks within a week, I’ve not had much time nor physical strength to handle my dogs on a regular basis. This leaves me with 2 new rescues Oshin and Kimchi, my 2 newest dogs, that – I’m ashamed to say – are behind on their basic obedience skills with one of them even developing some reactive behaviors as a result of having very few social interactions.

L-R: My dogs Kimchi, Tramp and Oshin

Now that I’m feeling stronger, we definitely have some catching up to do and I have to undo some of the bad behaviors they’ve picked up. It’s going to be quite the challenge but I am feeling re-energized and up for the task and I might even bring you along my dogs’ training journey so that we can all learn some things in the process.

And that’s my latest update for you so far.

I want to thank again all those people who reached out to me and offered prayers and support on my journey through surgery and chemo last year. I still have a few tests and scans coming up to make sure I am in the clear but, at this time, I am feeling great especially as the effects of therapy are wearing off.

So here’s to a healthy, joyful, and prosperous New Year for us all and our pets. I look forward to meeting you in training again soon!

– Doc Marose –

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