Introduction to Home Manners and Basic Obedience

Ideal for beginners and new dog owners. In this course, you and your dog will learn the basics of dog training using reward-based dog training methods. The course will cover beginner lessons in Basic Obedience, Home Manners and Leash Walking. VIEW COURSE OUTLINE

DURATION: 6 sessions over a 6-week period
COURSE INCLUSIONS: ▪️ 6 course sessions (1 – 1.5hours each)
▪️ Access to coaching and dog behavior counseling with Doc Marose for duration of course
▪️ Online course materials (60-day access)
▪️ Lifetime FREE to join future T101 Group Classes (conditions apply)
EQUIPMENT:Leash, Flat Collar, Treats, Dog Bed /Mat/Platform
Internet access to view online course materials
VENUE:Pet Centrics Dog Training Venue

Requirements for Enrollment

AGE:For One-on-One: minimum 3 months of age
For Group Classes: between 3 to 5 months of age
18 years old and above
Children may enroll with parent/guardian supervision
HEALTH: ▪️ In good health
▪️ Updated vaccines: Rabies, DHLPPi
Puppies may enroll with incomplete but up-to-date vaccinations
▪️ Owners of female dogs should avoid enrolling if onset of dog’s heat is expected within next 2 months
Can handle moderate physical activity throughout the course
To ensure progress in training, handler should be able to commit to daily home practice with dog for 6-week period
Family and other household members may accompany you during classes, but please DO NOT send your dog to class accompanied only by your house helper or assistant. Your dog’s training should be your personal responsibility.

Enrollment Options & Rates


Course Rate:
8000PHP per dog


Course Rate:
12000PHP per dog


Course Rate:
starts at 8000PHP per dog

Group Class or One-on-One?

Read below if you need help deciding what enrollment option is best for you:

Group Class is ideal for…

  • Dog Owners with Young Puppies (3-5 months old) whose social and behavioral development benefit from early and controlled socialization experiences alongside obedience training.
  • Dog Owners with Social Dogs who are not easily distracted in a group setting around other dogs and people.
  • Group Class is NOT for dogs with pronounced phobias or aggression issues.
  • A Private Evaluation and Consultation are recommended if you are not sure if Group Class is for you.

One-on-One Classes are ideal for…

  • Dog Owners with Dogs who are easily distracted in a group setting
  • Dog Owners with Dogs who have pronounced phobias or aggression issues.
  • Dog Owners with Dogs who, in addition to basic obedience, require training to address specific behaviors (additional fees may be charged)
  • Dog Owners who need a more flexible schedule, and who cannot commit to the regularly scheduled Group Classes.


Is Dog Training 101 for you and your dog?

The Dog Training 101 Course is IDEAL for you if you…

…are looking for a shared activity for both you and your dog.
…are a first time dog owner or recently got a new dog or puppy.
…want to understand your dog better.
…want to learn how to train your dog to be a better family or companion dog
…need help fixing common behavior problems such as playful nipping/biting, hyperactivity, destructive chewing etc.

The Dog Training 101 Course may NOT be for you if you…

…are looking for a trainer who will do all the work. This course is meant for dog owners who are committed to teaching and training their own dogs with the help of an instructor.

…are seeking help for dealing with a fearful, reactive or aggressive dog. In these cases, you may want to schedule a behavior consultation with Doc Marose for advice on how to proceed with your dog’s training and behavior modification.

How Does It Work?

This course provides instruction to the dog owner in basic dog training. BOTH dog owner and dog must be present during the classes.

You and your dog meet with me Dr. Marose Magpily, your instructor, once a week to learn and practice various training exercises. All sessions are conducted at the Training Venue.

Owners should be able to commit to 6 weekend sessions at the Training Venue, each 60-90 minutes long; and at least three 5-15 minute sessions of daily training with their dog in fulfillment of the home exercises, to produce at least the minimum amount of training progress in your dog. Of course, more daily training time and more repetitions of the exercises will increase your dog’s rate of progress significantly.

What Will I Learn?

You the owner will…

…gain a better understanding of your dog.
…train your dog, and through training, develop a better bond with him/her.
…become knowledgeable in modern science-based methods of dog training.
…get advice on how to solve common behavior problems such as playful nipping/biting, hyperactivity, destructive chewing etc.

What Will My Dog Learn?

Provided that you are consistent with your training and that your dog gets adequate amount of practice, your dog will…

…learn to respond to basic position cues under zero to minimum distractions
…learn to develop impulse control, which is useful for home manners.
…be introduced to holding basic positions and coming when called under minor distractions
…learn how to walk nicely when on leash.

Ready to Enroll?

Choose Your Enrollment Option


Course Rate:
8000PHP per dog


Course Rate:
12000PHP per dog


Course Rate:
starts at 8000PHP per dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding the Orientation for Group Classes

What happens during the Orientation?

  • During the Orientation, I’ll be evaluating your dog’s overall health and behavior in a group class environment. This is to make sure that the Group Class will be a good learning environment for your dog.
  • You also get to ask me questions about the course, how it works and what to expect.
  • When you are satisfied that the Group Class course is for you and your dog, you may complete your enrollment by paying the fee anytime after the orientation but before the start of the first session.

Questions Regarding Enrollment and Fees

Can I enroll more than one dog?

You may enroll more than one dog provided there are slots available and that each dog has his/her own handler during the class. You should not handle more than one dog at a time during the classes.

Do you offer discounts for multiple dog enrollment?

No discounts are offered for multiple dog enrollment in group classes.

Can I pay the enrollment fee in installments?

No. Full payment must be made to complete enrollment.

Questions Regarding Course Work and Lessons

Does this course include potty training?

Potty training is discussed, and solutions for house soiling will be presented in the class discussions. However, there are no specific exercises included in the course to address potty training as this is a behavior that needs to be addressed in the home and through proper management.

Will this fix my dog’s nipping, chewing and biting behaviors?

Training is an excellent way to redirect your dogs destructive behaviors to more focused activities. Therefore, appropriate amounts of physical and mental stimulation such as those provided by the Training 101 course activities is expected to lessen non-aggressive chewing, nipping and biting in most young and exuberant dogs.

Will this course fix my dog’s aggression?

I do not recommend enrolling in the Training 101 course if your dog is known to be aggressive or has a history of attacking and/or biting other dogs or humans. Please schedule an evaluation for your dog to determine what course would be best for him/her.

Is it manageable to take the course even if I’m working or if I’m a student?

The activities provided in the course should be manageable even for individuals working or studying full-time.

Owners should be able to commit to at least three 5-15 minute sessions daily of training with their dog in fulfillment of the home exercises. Of course, more daily training time and more repetitions of the exercises will increase your dog’s rate of progress significantly.

Questions Regarding Class Attendance

Can I enroll my dog but have my yaya/helper attend the class instead of me?

No. Family or household members are encouraged to attend the classes together with you, however, please avoid sending your helper to attend the class without a family member also present. To promote responsible pet ownership, I would like to encourage owners to be directly involved in the care and training of their dog rather than passing the responsibility onto a household helper.

Can you do home visits instead of me going to class?

No. All training is conducted at the Training Venue inside Filinvest 2 subdivision in Quezon City.

Can I attend the course with other family members?

Yes. I strongly encourage family members living in the same house as the dog to attend and participate in the dog’s training. This is to ensure that everybody knows how to handle and train the dog and so that there is consistency in training within the entire household.

I want to enroll with my dog, but I may be absent during one or more of the classes. Can I still enroll?

Yes, if you are going to miss only 1 or 2 classes, you can attend make-up sessions to catch up with what you missed. These should be scheduled before the next session takes place. An additional fee is charged for make-up sessions.

If you are likely to miss more than 2 classes, I would suggest you enroll at a later time.