It’s November 1st! Let me begin the month by giving you a recap of what’s been going on at Pet Centrics and Vet Reflections in October. This weekend we will be having our final session and wrapping up the last Puppy Class of 2013. I’m happy to say that Puppy Class has been a great success this year with more and more puppy owners joining in as they realize the importance of early training and socialization. Puppy Classes will resume in January of 2014. For more info on Puppy Class click HERE.

As Puppy Class ends, I’m also preparing for the new batch of Basic Obedience Group Classstudents. Registration is ongoing and you can fill out the online form by clicking HERE. This time, interested participants have the option to attend a Saturday orientation on November 9 or a Sunday orientation on November 10. For more information about Basic Obedience Group Class click HERE.

Over in my blog Vet Reflections, I am also wrapping up the puppy-themed October posts, but you can expect a few more puppy articles in the first week of November written specifically to supplement Puppy Class lessons and to answer some of my students’ questions during our discussions. Below is a list of the October articles you may have missed:

Please also take note that Vet Reflections blog has been moved to a new Pet Centrics subdomain at www.blog.petcentrics.ph. All links to www.vetreflections.blogspot.com will be redirected automatically but you may want to update any bookmarks or links you created just in case.

And that’s it for October!


That’s right! Move over, Fido! November is for Me-ows!

November will be dedicated primarily to the kitties who have thus far been sorely neglected in my blog this year! So watch out for plenty of feline-related topics this month (with a few dog-related posts in between, not to worry). In addition, you can also look forward to some reviews on books and other products that will be of interest to everyone – both dog and cat lovers alike.

Stick with Pet Centrics as we make it through the last two months of 2013! And don’t forget to subscribe to both Pet Centrics News Feed and Vet Reflections Blog Updates using the links below.

Happy November, everyone!

– Doc Marose –

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