How quickly the time passes! And now to find that I have been at this work now – conducting dog training classes and providing dog behavior consultations – for 10 years! What an awesome personal and business milestone to celebrate!

This year I express my gratitude again for all of you who have placed your trust in me to help you and your dog achieve your training goals and help you through your struggles in your human-and-dog relationships. It warms the heart to know that you, my dear clients and students, care to devote time, effort and resources to see to your pets’ physical, social and behavioral well-being, and that you choose me as your teacher and guide in this.

I am grateful that even in these trying times, and through your patronage, my small business – simple, modest as I prefer it to be – continues to thrive, and that I have an occupation that continues to provide for me and my family. It is a blessing that I immensely and continuously appreciate while extending all my love to you.

THANK YOU, Students, Clients, Friends,
for this paws and feet journey of 10 years
and hoping for many, many more to come!

Doc Marose

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