Get Active With YOUR Dog in 2021!

January 2021 Group Classes: NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION

Attention, New Dog Owners! What’s the best way to create a strong and lasting bond with your new pup? Get Active with your dog and enroll in dog training classes with me Doc Marose at Pet Centrics!

The Dog Training 101 Course in particular is highly recommended for those of you welcoming a new dog into your home, especially if you are a first time dog owner. In this course, you the owner will learn the basics of dog training using modern reward-based training methods, while your dog gains an introduction into basic obedience and home manners.

You will also have opportunities to frequently consult with me, your instructor, on how to handle some of the more common behavior issues that new dog owners experience with their new dog.

Visit the link below for complete information on the Dog Training 101 Course:

Ready to Sign-Up for the Dog Training 101 Course? Check out available class schedules below:

2021 At A Glance:

For a quick reference, here are all the most important dates for the Dog Training 101 Course so that you can plan your year of training with your dog:

Pet Centrics Dog Training 101 Group Class Schedules 2021

Looking forward to meeting you and your new dog in class in 2021! Happy Holidays, Everyone! – Doc Marose

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