Rules and Conditions:

Regarding the privilege of course graduates being allowed to attend future group classes for the course which they have completed (a.k.a Free Sit-In Privilege) the following rules and conditions apply:

  1. Dog and handler must have attended all 6 sessions of the course in the scheduled group class that they originally enrolled in.
    1. If a session or sessions have been missed, the dog and handler must first make-up for the missed sessions by scheduling make-up classes with the instructor. Regular single session fees apply.
    2. The missed sessions must be made up within 3 months from time of initial enrollment, otherwise, the Free Sit-In privilege is deemed void. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Consequently, regular enrollment fees for the course that was enrolled in will apply should the same dog and handler team wish to attend the same course again.
  2. If a dog and handler that have completed the course wish to attend the Free Sit-In after a prolonged absence of 6 months or more from attending Pet Centrics Dog Training, the instructor may require a behavior and/or health assessment / re-evaluation of the dog prior to permitting attendance in the Free Sit-In. Regular evaluation fees will apply.
  3. The instructor has the right to refuse and revoke Free Sit-In Privileges to any dog and handler not complying with the above conditions, any dog that fails to pass the instructor’s behavior and health evaluation, and any dog that may become disruptive in class or pose a safety or health risk to other dogs and humans in class. Currently enrolled students will be prioritized before granting Free Sit-In privileges to graduates.