Tramp and I had a busy Saturday morning yesterday at Mercato Centrale as we joined in the first session of a doggie camp organized by Busy Paws.

A big thank you to our new friends of Busy Paws and Urban Sports K9 for having invited us! More power to your endeavors! Hopefully, we’ll be able to attend future sessions so that Tramp can practice his social skills.

It’s always a pleasure to see fellow dog-people organizing events to encourage all dog-owners to engage in various activities with their canines. Indeed, all dogs should be out of the dreadful cage and off the cursed tether!

If you are looking for an introduction into dog training and dog sports do consider joining the camp sessions at Mercato Centrale.

Below are some pictures from the event courtesy of my brother Aries Magpily.

Side note: Tramp as expected was his usual reactive and “barky” self but it was good practice for him to get out and socialize with other canines. If you can believe it, he is actually waaay better behaved now than when I first started working with him in the U.S. (ehhm..defensive much? ;p) Oh but honestly, it’s shame on me for not having been able to take him out as often as I should. It seems sometimes I spend more time helping other people train their dogs than training my own. 

For those of you wondering, Tramp is wearing a head collar (not a muzzle). It’s designed to give me better control of his head so I can easily redirect him when he starts to fixate on something.

3 Replies to “Busy Paws Do Happy Dogs Make”

  1. Thanks for coming and supporting the event, Doc Marose. It was nice to see Tramp again.

    Hope you can join us again next time… i might bring Winter naman. 🙂

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