Welcome, New Dog Parent! You likely arrived here looking for a dog training solution to problems such as puppy play biting, house soiling (or lack of potty training), or destructive chewing. Maybe you have a new puppy or a young dog that is full of energy and difficult to control. Or maybe you just want to get the full potential out of your dog as a companion animal and are looking for a bonding activity for you and your four-legged, furry family member.

I’m happy to say that you’ve come to the right place and I would like you to consider registering for the upcoming Pet Centrics Dog Training 101 Course: An Introduction to Basic Obedience and Home Manners – a course open to dog owners with either puppies or adult dogs.

My Dog Training Journey

Before I tell you more about the Dog Training 101 course and if you’re new to Pet Centrics, allow me to quickly introduce myself: I’m Dr. Marose Magpily, a veterinarian, dog behavior consultant and dog training instructor here in Quezon City in the Philippines. I have been offering dog training guidance to hundreds of dog owners since 2011.

Like many dog owners, I once struggled with my first dog Ollie. He was a rambunctious Labrador Retriever who was already a handful when I got him as a puppy and who quickly grew into a misbehaving full-sized adult dog. Ollie got into all sorts of trouble causing me immeasurable amounts of stress and straining my relationship with other family members. To name only a few examples of the naughty behaviors he was capable of: He chewed our car’s bumper, tore apart footwear, pulled on leash when being walked, and jumped on people who he wanted to greet. I realized that nothing of what I learned in veterinary school prepared me for training a misbehaving dog, and I began to understand the struggles of my veterinary clients who would ask me questions about dog behavior problems for which I did not have any adequate, helpful answers.

This got me interested in learning about dog behavior and dog training. I studied canine behavior sciences and training technology online and abroad, learning from some of the best dog trainers and dog behavior experts from Canada and the U.S. (You can check out my educational background HERE) Over time, I added to my experience working and training with dogs and their owners, and eventually I opened my dog behavior consulting and dog training business called Pet Centrics in 2011, and I developed the Pet Centrics Dog training 101 course.

The Pet Centrics Dog Training 101 Course

Your introduction to Modern, Science-based and Humane Dog Training

I designed the Dog Training 101 course to introduce dog owners, such as yourself, to the basics of dog behavior, how to manage their dogs and how to get their dogs started in basic obedience and home manners. The course has been available to dog owners every year since I opened Pet Centrics, even throughout the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, during which I successfully converted it to an online program that students could take from the comfort of their home. You can be sure that I have put a lot of thought into the course development and continuously stay up to date with the latest dog training practices and regularly evaluate and improve upon the incorporated course lessons.

A learning experience for both you and your dog

Successful dog training comes from developing a good, trusting relationship with your pet, which is why the Dog Training 101 course is meant to be taken by the owner together with their dog. It is a shared educational and bonding experience for dog and owner working together as a team.

Here’s what you to get out of taking the Dog Training 101 course with me: a solid dog owner education, a plan for how to manage and train your own dog or puppy, and the basic skills for how to get this done yourself.

Sure, you could just have a dog trainer do the job for you. Board-and-train services are available and helpful in certain situations and with certain dogs, but basic training and solving the usual dog misbehavior is something that responsible and involved dog owners should learn and be able to do by themselves. Because just as every parent is in some way a teacher to their child, so every dog owner is in some way a trainer to their dog. This is why I want to help you as your dog training coach rather than take the training out of your hands.

Pro-active Dog Training with a Heart

There is no need to use intimidation, force or harsh punishment when dealing with a puppy’s misbehavior or when training your dog. Compulsion training – as this force-reliant, punitive method of training is called – is an outdated dog training method that is based on the long since disproven Dominance or Alpha Theory of behavior.

Under my instruction, you will learn to use compassionate, humane dog training methods that take the dog’s emotional state and welfare into consideration. I focus on teaching dog owners to use positive methods that work best when founded upon a good relationship between dog and owner.

Avoiding force or harsh punishment does not mean that we spoil our dogs or that we are permissive with bad or undesirable behaviors. Mistakes or misbehavior still comes with consequences, which also allows the dog to learn. However, punishment is never of the kind that inflicts pain or instills fear in the dog.

When using a pro-active approach, we focus on managing the dog well to prevent bad behavior before a dog can even get into it; and then we teach the dog how we would like him to behave and heavily reward and reinforce these desirable or appropriate behaviors.

Ollie’s Legacy

Ollie wasn’t the perfect dog, not even after our extensive time training together. But through the knowledge I gained about dog training and dog behavior, I was able to teach him all the necessary behaviors to redirect away from the undesirable ones, so that he became a great companion dog and beloved family member.

Ollie passed away some years ago. But my time with him was filled with many lessons that served to improve my relationship and the way I train with all my dogs that followed after him. Through Ollie, I gained a deeper understanding of how dogs learn and how to clearly communicate with them. These are lessons that I’m happy now to impart to you through the Pet Centrics Dog Training 101 course, which takes the guesswork out of what steps to take and what to prioritize in the raising and training of your own dog.

The Empowered Dog Owner


My objective is to empower every dog owner by sharing my knowledge about dog behavior and dog training. I want for you to truly know your dog and understand him/her. I will help you acquire the basic skills of dog training, and teach you to apply these according to you and your dog’s needs.

I want for you to feel the sort of relief and enlightenment that I felt when I began my dog training journey, and that, consequently, your life with your dog becomes minimally stressful and thoroughly enjoyable.

To be clear, I do not offer quick fixes or overnight solutions. I do not take the training out of your hands. Dog training is about relationship building, therefore, you need to be a part of the learning. Dog training is about patience, persistence, clarity and consistency: you’ll need to put in the work. Dog training is about responding to the needs and communications of your companion animal: you need to be open to seeing things from the dog’s point of view.

Take The First Step on Your Dog Training Journey: SIGN UP NOW!

So, if you’re a dog parent who can relate to the struggles I had with my dog Ollie, if your goal is to develop a good relationship with your dog, and if you have the patience to learn about dog training and behavior, the time to work with your dog and the desire to utilize modern, science-based humane dog training methods, then – if you haven’t already – I invite you to sign up and join the next scheduled Dog Training 101 Group Class Orientation.

If you missed getting into the current class, not to worry, I have a new one starting up every 6 or 7 weeks. As a subscriber to my e-mail list you’ll automatically get notified when the next Dog Training 101 Group Class is open for registration.

Get Your FREE Dog Training 101 Resources

I want to make sure that the Pet Centrics Dog Training 101 course is a good fit for you and your puppy. If you’re not convinced that my services are right for you, you can opt out at any time if you’ve subscribed to my e-mail list. There’s also no pressure to attend the Orientation or to enroll in the course, but I would encourage you to avail of the free resources available to you here to guide you through the first few months with your new pet.

These Dog Training 101 resources include the Pet Centrics Proactive Approach to Managing and Training a New Puppy, my Dog Training Equipment Checklist and My Sample Daily Routine for Puppies, plus lots of other valuable information. Use these to help you structure your day to day activities with your new pup and minimize the chaos that usually accompanies the arrival of a new puppy into your home. By following the recommendations I share in these resources, you’ll be able to stay on top of managing common problem behaviors such as house soiling, destructive chewing and puppy play biting.

Let’s Begin!


Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about me and how I can help you and your dog. In my next post, and as part of the free resources that I want to share with you, I’ll be sharing to you my Proactive Approach to Puppy Training to help you manage any of your new puppy’s naughty behaviors and get you started on your dog training journey.

We’ll talk again soon!

– Doc Marose

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