Greetings, Everyone! As it is finally possible for us to resume our Dog Training Activities at the Pet Centrics Dog Training Venue, please take note of some of the health measures and guidelines to follow on your next visit:


Masks must be worn at all times in and outside the Pet Centrics Dog Training Venue. You may wear an additional face shield and other PPE as you deem necessary for your personal protection.


All individuals should maintain a distance of 6 feet apart from one another. If it becomes necessary during training to come into proximity of one another, take care not to remain within each other’s space for more than a few seconds at a time, and only if both individuals are wearing masks. Please give way to one another as you are passing in and out of gateways or doorways.


Since we are handling animals, it should already be natural to us to regularly sanitize our hands using alcohol, hand sanitizer or washing with soap and water. I encourage everyone to be even more vigilant with your personal hygiene during this time. Alcohol and hand soap will be available at the Training Venue for your benefit.


Let me know if you experience symptoms of illness, in particular, colds, cough, sore throat, diarrhea and the like prior to an appointment. In that case, please be responsible and postpone your scheduled session. If your symptoms appear after a recent visit to the Pet Centrics Training Venue, also inform me immediately.


Group Classes are downsized to a maximum of 2 dogs per class. It doesn’t do much for your dog’s socialization but this is necessary for now. Furthermore, I will only allow a maximum of 2 companions per enrolled dog and, thus, a MAXIMUM of 5 individuals (including me) inside the Venue at any given time.

As some of you know, the Training Venue is actually quite spacious and can comfortably accommodate around 10-15 individuals while still allowing for appropriate distance between individuals. However, as I am only one individual managing a group, I will insist on addressing and managing only 4 individuals during training sessions. I have also found that it is quite difficult to project my voice through a mask, and that I easily run out of breath when lecturing with a mask on, which is another reason why I like to keep the participant groups small.   


At this time I am limiting my dog training and behavior consultation appointments to only one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This is to give time for sanitizing any equipment after use, and for allowing ample time to pass so individuals and groups do not meet and pass each other as you enter and exit the venue.

COVID-19 is an unfortunate part of our lives at this time, but if we are vigilant and disciplined there are ways to protect ourselves and the people around us.

Let’s all work together so we can continue to enjoy time with our dogs and each other while still safeguarding our health.

Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to seeing you in our next Training Session again soon!

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